Thursday, May 2, 2013

10 Points to Ponder for the SCANDAL Season Finale

As I was writing this post, I found out that one-half of my original obsession passed away: Chris Kelly (a.k.a. Mac Daddy) of the 90s Hip-Hop group Kris Kross. He was only 34 years old. In remembrance of him, here’s the video of their biggest hit, “Jump.”

Now on to my current obsession…

I must admit that the last few episodes of SCANDAL haven’t fed my obsession as much as #WhoShotFitz. That is until episode #219 blew my mind! Below are 10 points I’d like you to ponder as we lead into the season finale on May 16th.

1.  Poor Huck. Where are his fiancĂ©e and adorable son now? Will Olivia attempt to reunite them? It’s obvious that my boy Huck has open wounds that need healing, and the only way to do that is to reconcile with his past. Until that happens, we’ll be forced to watch him work through his pain with no healthy outlet.

Hug a Huck today.
2.  Will David become the newest Gladiator? He was noticeably absent in the last episode, which leads me to believe Shonda is setting him up for a surprising new role. Working as a high school teacher doesn’t suit him very well. Plus, I’d love to see the tense dynamic between him and Abby working closely together.

3.  Will we get more background on Olivia? Now that we’ve gotten important info on the other Gladiators’ lives before Olivia the Savior rescued them, will we learn more about what compels her to fix things? What did she mean when she told Huck that his eyes were sadder than hers and that she had been by herself for a very long time? I really worry about her sanity.

I understand why Shonda has waited to reveal more about Liv’s life before the election. It adds to the allure of her Superwoman status. However, at this point in the show, it’s becoming a bit annoying to not know more about her.

Relax. Relate. Release.

4.  Who’s the mole? Who cares? I don’t. The mole storyline doesn’t offer the same intrigue as finding out who shot Fitz. At this point, I’m more interested in #WhoBirthedOliviaPope.

5.  Will anybody ever find out that Fitz killed Verna? This season’s theme is “Dirty Little Secrets Always Come Out.” Aside from the election rigging and the Olitz affair, this is the biggest one that has yet to be revealed. Surely Fitz won’t get away with murder. I mean he’s no Huck.

6.  Speaking of that murderer, will Fitz ever grow from a boy to a man? He’s still pouting about the cabal of five stealing the election for him. To paraphrase his nutty other half, GET OVER IT!! Do you see George W. wallowing in self-pity about his eight years in the White House? NO. He knows how the game is played. Granted, his mistress didn’t play a role in it…as far as we know. Side eye to you, Sandra Day O’Connor.

"I know I'm the president, but you made me cry, Liv."
7.  Will Fitz return next season? I’m still convinced that Tony Goldwyn won’t be on the show much longer. I suspect Shonda has been trying to wean us off him by portraying him as a brat. It’s working as far as I’m concerned. I’m officially over them. Walk away and stay away, Liv.

Does that mean Mellie will leave, too? Perhaps she’ll join the Gladiator team along with David. Or maybe she’ll start her own fix-it firm and compete head-to-head with OPA. Now that would be a battle royal worth watching!

8.  Will the other Grant children ever be released from Guantanamo Bay…er…boarding school? I wouldn’t put it past Mellie and Fitz to create a fictional family to endear themselves to voters. Until I see them somewhere other than pictures on Fitz’s desk, I refuse to acknowledge their existence.

9.  Why did Charlie allow Huck and his family to live? Do they have a history to which we’re not privy yet? I never imagined Charlie with a soft side, or any side other than “killer.” Something tells me that he has a deeper interest in Huck. What is it?

10.  What will become of James and Cyrus? Among the couples on the show, they have the least dramatic relationship, relatively speaking. If Cyrus the Monster loses James and Fitz, I see him pushing that big, red button behind the President’s desk. The last thing we need is a nuclear war with North Korea or East Sudan (I know. It only exists on the show).

Let me know what questions you want to see answered for the finale in the comments section below!

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  1. Fitz already confessed to killing Verna to Cyrus. Of course more people will find out!

  2. Will they also find out that she try to kill him as well.I hope

  3. i posted twice some good stuff from my phone and it didn't work but now i can see my test from desk top. soooooo here it goes.

    i'm no longer a fan of Olivia Pope. she was actually a smart, caring mistress until Thursday.

    For the life of me I can't understand why she would want the potus when he is so willing to leave millie waiting by the phone. wont he do the same possibly to her?

    i'm all for the affair, the intrigue and electric sex but lets be clear.... how he handled his unhappiness with Millie will be the same way he handles it with Olivia.

    I would take him but not immediately and not until he at least tried to fix his marriage. but in his defense Millie has never even said that she loves the man. oh well.

    1. Sorry about your post not going through. The blog host does funny things with phones.

      She wants him because she obviously has some self-esteem issues happening. She could have Edison, who was well-balanced and available. That's not what she wants though. She understands love through pain, which is why she's hooked on Fitz. Of course he'll dog her for the next hot piece of ass that comes along. He's an old-fashioned philanderer. Mellie is still his wife, whether she loves him or not.