Tuesday, February 5, 2013

You Can't Tell Me Nothing!

SCANDAL Wins Big at NAACP Image Awards!

Congratulations to the cast and crew of SCANDAL! They won big at last week’s NAACP Image Awards. The show picked up an award for Outstanding Drama Series, and leading lady Kerry Washington won for Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series. She also grabbed a statue for her supporting role in Django Unchained, as well as the coveted President’s Award that recognizes excellence in public service. She must be having the best year ever!

The last three episodes have been the highest rated shows of the entire series. Check out the full ratings here. Things are looking great for a third season! We’re into February sweeps now. That means ABC will ramp up promotions to make sure the ratings stay high. This week’s episode will be the second in a stretch of four new episodes. GLADIATORS ROAR!! Keep spreading the word among your friends and family. They’ll love you forever!

That’s My Theory, and I’m Sticking to It

I haven’t written a new predictions blog in a while, mainly because my original ones haven’t been proven wrong yet. Ok, so Fitz lived (lame!). Minor detail. I did hit a few others on the nose though (read them here and here). Also, the writers haven’t given me much to ponder as we await the reveal of the conspirator behind the president’s shooting. Nevertheless, the last few episodes brought out some interesting details I’d like to explore.

Mr. Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Original Loon

What’s the real deal with Hollis and VP Sally?? How did Hollis “I Make Things Go Boom” Doyle have unlimited access to her during her very brief stint in the Oval Office? We haven’t seen their interactions on the campaign trail, nor have we seen them interact much anywhere else. Yet, he plays her harder than a banjo at the Grand Ole Opry (look it up).

If we’re to believe SCANDAL’s writers about Hollis’s innocence, that means he didn’t attempt to remove Fitz from office to give Sally his seat. How did they become so close so fast? Maybe they’re sleeping together. Oh no! Not that mental image! UGH!

The Senator from Florida…Send His Ass Home!

Edison. THIS MOFO!! First, he calls our girl “a criminal, a whore, an idiot, and a liar” after breaking and entering into her home. Then, he asks for her hand in marriage. WHAT??!! That’s not to mention he was trying to get laid while she was dealing with an attempted presidential assassination. Who does that?! What could she possibly ever have seen in him?? He’s a bastard. I don’t like him. Liv can’t be seriously considering his proposal to have some babies and make some jam (really though?).

Shonda, please nix his contract. Now.

Pregnancy Hormones Make Women Do Crazy Things

Forging signatures. Inducing early labor. All in a day’s work for First Lady Mellie Grant. No. Really. What’s wrong with her? I’m sure I’ll have much more to write about this nutjob after Thursday’s (2/7/13) episode. I do know this: she’s not going to give Fitz his divorce. She’s way too smart for that. If anything, she’ll use “America’s Baby” as a pawn in her twisted Game of Political Thrones. You just wait.

Dear Olivia…

Relax. Relate. Release. Things will get better. Harrison has your back.

The Gladiator-in-Chief is depressed. That makes me sad. I hope Shonda & Co. has written a great therapist for her into the script. It would be unfortunate if she bounced back without us seeing her receive proper treatment, whether that’s counseling or another form of self-care.

Will we get to meet her family now or some members of her Illuminati circle? I was thinking…it would make perfect sense if Olivia was behind the power outage at Super Bowl XLVII. Certainly, she and Mrs. Carter have attended some of the same secret meetings. It’s definitely a conspiracy, folks. They probably planned it for months. Prove me wrong and I’ll grant you a guest writer spot on this blog.

(On a serious note, if you or someone you know is dealing with depression, get help. It’s a heavy burden to carry alone.)

Quinn and Her Nerdy Boyfriend…er…Husband

Here’s a SCANDAL fun fact: The guy who plays Quinn’s boyfriend Jesse is Katie Lowes’s real-life husband Adam Shapiro.

Where did Quinn find him? At a Star Trek meets The Big Bang Theory convention? He sort of reminds me of Gideon Wallace (reporter from season 1), which makes me question Quinn’s taste in men all together. Both beaux were too smart for their own good and too naïve to save their own lives. She picks them, doesn’t she?

Actually, the men should be questioning her. So far, she’s two-for-two in dead boyfriends. That’s never a good sign in a potential mate.

Speaking of the Molotov Mistress, did anyone else notice Quinn’s reaction to Hollis when he walked into the OPA office? She immediately recognized him and uttered, “You.” Was that due to his possible involvement in the shooting, or did she know him from somewhere else? That seemed weird to me.

Like Father, Like Son?

The relationship between Fitz and his father Big Jerry helped me to see Fitz for the man-child he is. For him to be a Harvard-educated Rhodes Scholar and Ph.D. holder, he seems awfully malleable to those around him. He throws tantrums in the form of well-written soliloquys, sleeps with Olivia when his feelings get hurt, and hurls unnecessary insults at his wife when he can’t get to Liv. Poor baby. I think he needs therapy, too.

Oh, Verna…

Let’s have a moment of silence for our friend Verna. I realize she’s still walking the earth, but did you see her on the last episode? She deserves her flowers now.

However, my sympathy only goes far. She snitched on Huck, then confessed to Olivia. Huh?! What’s her angle? I’m definitely suspicious of her, but I have my doubts as to whether or not she was involved in Fitz’s shooting. What would she gain from it? She sits on the highest court in the land, and it’s not like anyone can remove her from that position. Honestly, I think the illness has taken a toll on her sensibilities, so she’s not acting rationally. Sadly, we don’t have much longer to find out her agenda.

All That to Say…

I’m standing by my original predictions until I’m proven absolutely wrong. Nobody can change my mind, but you’re welcome to try in the comments section below.

In the Between Time

Also, don’t forget to check out the SCANDAL Quick Reference Guide
in case you get lost among the ever changing roster of characters. I’ll update it periodically as more players come into view.

See you Thursday @ 10pm|9c on ABC!!


  1. I totally disagree with you regarding Edison. Edison is the super stuff plus 10!!

    1. We must know a different Edison because the one I know is wack times 10!

    2. As a newby on this blog scene..I thoroughly enjoy your insight on the issues of this show...basically we think very much alike...Keep up the good work...from one Gladiator to another...KUDOS111

    3. Thanks for reading, Jenice!

    4. I like Edison, but he's too good for Liv. Liv likes sniveling simps who are ready to throw everything away for her. Once she gets Fitz, she'll get bored and throw him away. It's the chase Liv loves. Notice that every time Fitz goes grabbing and touching her (in present day, not in that godawful flashback wig) she's either telling him no or pushing him away.

  2. What do you think about Harrison and Quinn? He needs some loving too!

    1. Quinn and Harrison? Together? As a couple??? That's a definite NO for me. He's her mentor, and he's light years ahead of her in mental agility (read: game). That would be a grossly unfair matchup.

      He should get a love interest, but she should be very distant from the OPA world. That may be hard to make happen though.

  3. So I totally agree with you that Edison must go. He's pathetic and too weak for someone like Liv.
    Now, here's my prediction: Its Verna...
    1. She gave Sally Huck's name as the shooter. She may have thought that the composite looked like Huck, but she wouldn't have put herself out there like that if she wasn't sure.
    2. She planted the seed about the cell phone and Becky. She knew that if she told the group about it, Olivia and her gladiators would follow up and find the cell phone with Becky's phone number in it.
    3. Whoever knew Hollis used Becky for Citron would know how to set him up for this murder by making the connection.
    4. I know we all can't figure out a motive for Verna, but we know for sure that she is the only one in that group who WONT lose out on Fitz being dead...she has a lifetime (albeit short) appointment to the SCOTUS, and maybe since she knows that he wasn't supposed to be the President, she feels like she's correcting the error...
    My biggest question is why set up Huck??

    1. That's a great analysis! That seems like a lot of work for someone who's fighting cancer though. Would Verna have the time or energy to set up Fitz and deal with the fallout?

    2. Also, to what end? It wouldn't correct her error. To do that, would require killing everyone in the line of succession. I'm still not convinced Hollis wasn't involved. A bank account, come on, Hollis could have tons of bank accounts, and he seems like a guy who knows how to get things done without leaving an easily traceable trail.

  4. I think Millie set him up, she told him she would blow him away, she changed her mind before they got out of the Limo

    1. I don't buy that limo thing. That's just more Jedi mind tricks from the writers. They're a slick bunch. Don't let them fool you. :)

      Thanks for reading!

  5. Edison never called Liv anything. She called herself all of those things.

    1. He didn't say it, but he definitely implied it. We all knew what he meant.

      Thanks for reading!

  6. Well, Quinn knew Hollis because he was her boyfriends boss, and by now, I think she has pieced things together.

    Fritz has just survived a near death experience. My dude is gonna get his divorce or more likely, die trying.

    Mellie is Lady MacBeth. If I was still in school there would be a paper afoot. She has done everything except chant "unsex me here" in the mirror.