Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I Blame Olivia and Cyrus

We’re only TWO days away from the return of our beloved SCANDAL!! I’m sooooo excited!!

Join us Thursday during the show for our first virtual watch party. I realize that may cause sensory overload for some of you, so we’ll hang around for about 30 minutes afterwards to provide moral support.

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Let the record show that on December 12th, 2012, I gave you my predictions for episode 209 in a post entitled “FREE HUCK!!” Two-and-a-half weeks later, the official SCANDAL Twitter page made #FreeHuck the tag for this week’s show. I’m sure that’s a mere coincidence. o_O

Let’s get into it.

Olivia and Cyrus Shot Fitz

Let me start by explaining why I don’t think it’s Mellie. She needs Fitz in the White House. He’s the key to her being able to pursue her own political ambitions. Considering she had a very successful legal career before he took office, I doubt she’d do anything to jeopardize her future. Plus, she’s carrying “America’s Baby.” All that gestation would be in vain if she were to give birth as an ordinary citizen.

I know Mellie said that she could dream about Fitz being dead, threatened to blow him away if he saw Olivia again, and tried to stop him from getting out of the limo. Don’t fall for the writers’ Jedi mind tricks. Their job is to confuse us, and they’re great at what they do.

I don’t think Hollis is involved either. He has enough dirt on the Grant administration to bring down Fitz without risking presidential assassination charges.

On to the guilty parties…follow me closely.

Remember when Olivia and Cyrus had eye sex during the Furious Five conference in “All Roads Lead to Fitz?” Were they talking about fixing the David Rosen issue or something more sinister? A couple of scenes later, we saw Becky introduce herself to Huck at the AA meeting.

At the end of that episode, they all discussed Verna’s role in getting David his job back, so that couldn’t have been what Liv and Cy had in mind. We already knew this though because Liv asked Verna about it during their chat at the hospital earlier in the episode.

When Huck told Olivia that he wanted to run Becky’s fingerprints, do a background check, conduct a DNA analysis, and place surveillance on her, Liv dissuaded him from doing so. Why? That’s an odd response from someone who’s familiar with Huck’s past life and deals with shady clients on the regular. Could Becky have been Liv’s plant to frame Huck? Certainly, Olivia knows his weaknesses and isn’t above exploiting them as we saw her do with Abby.

Most people have glossed over the fact that Mellie wasn’t the only one who didn’t want to attend the gala. Olivia was dead set against it, too…until Fitz all but ensured Edison would become Senate majority leader. The excuse she gave Edison about not being seen with him in public for the good of his career rang hollow at best. When she realized that Fitz actually had let her go, I guess she felt as though she had nothing left to lose.

Since Olivia didn’t receive clearance until an hour before the party started, she needed an inside accomplice to make sure Becky hit the intended target. All assassins need accurate blueprints, right? Who would know Fitz’s entry path better than his best friend Cyrus?

In an earlier episode, Cyrus told Mellie that he would “do whatever is necessary to make sure things go accordingly.” He also said that he was much more terrifying than she could ever imagine. That sounds like a thinly veiled threat to me and much more convincing than one made by a scorned wife.

What would Olivia and Cyrus gain from Fitz being comatose, you ask? Power. Think about it. With Fitz incapacitated, but still technically alive, who would run things at the White House? Presumably, his Chief of Staff would step into the role. Forget what the Constitution says for a minute (this is SCANDAL). Perhaps they wanted to keep Sally from becoming president for only a few hours or days, just long enough to carry out whatever plan they had concocted. However, everyone knows she’s a complete loon! She saw an opening for a major power grab and took it. The woman is crazy, not dumb.

Why Huck? Maybe he knows too much about Quinn and the Cytron explosion. Or, maybe Olivia knew his killer-spy instincts would compel him to dismantle the weapon and take it back to the OPA office. Or, maybe Cyrus originally hired Charlie, who subcontracted the job to Becky with the added direction to ruin Huck’s life. Who knows? Whatever the reason, I suspect things didn’t go as planned, and we’re now seeing the resulting fallout.

I’m fully prepared to check myself into the hospital for an irregular heartbeat after this week’s episode. I recommend you make similar arrangements.

Other Predictions

I know we’re all waiting to find out who wants Fitz dead, but other storylines are still unfolding on the periphery. Here are my brief thoughts on what else we’ll see this week.

Since Abby knows Huck sent the decoy to meet David at the Griddle Café, she’ll begin questioning the domestic violence information she found on him. She’ll make sense of it sooner than later.

Huck gets tortured by the U.S. government in this episode, so I expect to meet some of his old friends at the CIA. Maybe parts of his survival training will surface, and we’ll get a deeper look into his tormented mind.

It’s clear that Edison has his suspicions about Olivia’s connection to the White House. I think he’ll call her to task on it, but he may not have figured out the exact link yet. I can’t wait for his reaction when he does.

Quinn will get closer to the truth about the Cytron explosion and its connection to Defiance and the president’s shooting. She’ll get slapped across the mouth by Olivia and/or Abby (maybe that’s just my personal wish). As blog reader V.C. pointed out, Quinn is starting to connect the dots. Could she really be on to something there?

In the Between Time

If you find yourself lost among the names and connections in this post, no worries. I’ve created the SCANDAL Quick Reference Guide to help you. It provides a snapshot of who’s who on the show.

Also, I’m building out the list of songs that comprise The SCANDAL Sound. Season 1 is complete, and Season 2 will be finished soon. Find all your soul music needs there.

See you Thursday @ 10pm|9c on ABC!!


  1. Do I believe Cy could have something to do with it maybe. But, the same argument that you used for Mellie is the same for Cy he wants to be in the white house just as much as mellie. Liv, no way she loves him to much. I thought maybe Billy set that up before he got oust out by the VP. That was his backup plan. I could be wrong also.

    1. Thanks for commenting!

      I don't know if Cyrus has the same level of political ambition that Mellie does. She has made it clear that she's in this for herself. Cyrus not so much. He's alluded to turning down the top job at Harvard, so he has other interests outside of politics.

      Liv also loves Abby. They were close friends at one point, but look at how she did her. I don't put anything past her now.

      Mellie and Cyrus started planning the gala after Billy was out of the picture, so it's doubtful that he had a hand in it.

  2. Wow that is deep. I'm with you on not trusting Olivia, I still can't get over that she is involved in the vote rigging. And of course I definitely don't trust Cyrus. However being involved in shooting Fitz, I don't think she would risk losing him like that, but that's me I'm a romantic at heart. And of course we are dealing with Shondra, queen of the twist and turns. I'm giddy with all the turns in this story. haha

  3. I believe Cy when he says that Fitz is his best friend. That Man would do anything in the world for Fitz especially to keep him as president. It is laughable to think that Shondra Rhimes would mess with the chemistry of Olitz by having it turn out to be Liv that was behind his assassination attempt. We must also remember that Shondra loves to make things appear one way when actually they are completely the other way. We still don't know to what extent Liv, Cyrus and Mellie were involved in the voting machine rigging. I truly think that was a Hollis invention and he told them they had to go along because he has other dirt on them.

    1. Thanks for reading!

      I'm still putting my money on Olivia and Cyrus. I just don't buy the Hollis story line. The writers brought that out too easily in the last episode. That makes me think they're trying to distract us.

  4. Wow, I believe your prediction is a bit far fetched, even for Scandal!!! Now let me throw my 2 cents in...I believe its that slick willy guy responsible for the Cytron bombing (sorry I can't recall his name) I don't put anything past him!!! Olivia NEVER!!! I believe murder is just a bit to drastic. Cy, nah, Fitz is his golden boy! Mellie well I don't know, but I believe she is definitely NOT pregnant!!! Just watch all of the stress from Fitz being shot will "cause" her lose the baby, now I do predict that!! I'll be watching....can hardly wait!!!!! Best drama on TV!!!!!

    1. Thanks for reading! I still think Liv did it, and Mellie is *definitely* pregnant.

  5. Olivia wears the white hat. She does things for the ultimate good. She doesn't have people killed. No way. Plus she loves Fitz.

  6. Interesting analysis...but I think you're forgetting one thing. With Fitz incompacitated the VP has all the power in the WH. Cy and Olivia are basically persona non grata. In addition, why would Olivia use Becky to shoot Fitz when she could have simply used Huck. Huck is devoted to her and would do anything...ANYTHING for her. Becky was a wild hair, unpredictable, she was suppose to set up Huck in a major way to take the fall, but she didn't. The plan didn't go as it was intended. Why would Olivia hamstring her best ACE? No, it doesn't pass the smell test.

    I also can't believe Cy who says he will do anything to protect the presidency would ever agree to putting Fitz down. No Fitz is Cy's man 100%. Hollis on the other hand may want another President who is more bendable to his will. On two occassions Fitz did not support his plan. He rigged an entire election and he is not getting a return on his investment.

    My money is on Hollis. But he has a co-conspirator and that may be Edison.

    1. I don't see Edison in this. My money is still on Liv and Cy.

  7. I do not think OLIVIA has anything to do with the president beening shot...

  8. I don't have a damn thing to say except....I JUST CAN'T WAIT!

    1. I hope it lived up to your expectations!

  9. I think it's Mellie working along with Hollis for some reason I don't believe that the baby is Fitz and Hollis knows about it. He has too much on all of them and with Fitz not doing some of the things Hollis want's he had to try and get rid of him.

    1. Thanks for your comment!

      I think that baby definitely belongs to Fitz. Hollis could have brought him down without shooting him. Why risk the federal attention?

  10. I think it's going to turn out to be Sally.

    In re-watching some scenes in hindsight of this suspicion, there are clues pointing toward her even though she's been the least featured throughout this whole thing. Her comments to Billy during the campaign flashbacks about wanting to wait for the weeds to be burned could hint to a deeper motive. She was quick to concede when Fitz offered her the VP position. That runningmate slot was her best shot at getting her foot into the door of the White House. As VP, she now stands to gain the most out of this in the long run. With Fitz "burned" out of her way, she would become president -- and the first woman president, no less. Taking over for an assassinated president would be her moment to shine, and to overshadow any public favoring that any other political opponent has because she'd be the president to guide the country through a national tragedy. Unless she royally screwed that up, it would certainly put the odds in her favor during the next election.

    She has been shown to have the political drive, too, since she was the biggest opponent in letting Fitz return to work so soon after the shooting. Her apology/explanation to him for this could have been sincere, or it could've been a way to keep all suspicion off of her. You're not going to suspect the sole person who has shown any remorse to your face.

    1. Great theory! Thanks for commenting!

  11. Not Olivia, that's the fabric of the Story..that is what keeps me coming back, that hopeless Romantic in me, If that goes, I will not watch anymore, and that would be good in a way, cause I am so hooked on the show..